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     I'm an ER nurse. I spend most of my time getting to the heart of my patient's stories quickly and compassionately. The environment is high energy, and some cases are physically and emotionally exhausting. But I absolutely love it!

     Interestingly enough, my role as a copyeditor involves timely and sensitive attention to you in much the same way. Whether your manuscript requires emergency resuscitation or a quick assessment, we'll work together to get your message to your readers. And I think you'll absolutely love it too!

     As a nurse, I'm professional, organized, and quick. Outside of work, I'm usually laughing, always exploring, and hopefully sharing an authentic conversation with someone I love. I find enjoyment reading anything from a historical fiction novel to a medical textbook. Picking up a dusty book at a garage sale or reading a random magazine in a waiting room has always held a sense of adventure for me. Telling stories and helping people communicate is not only a welcomed challenge, but comes naturally to me.

     As a nurse, I have the honor of speaking with people in their best and worst hours of life.

     As your copyeditor, it's my privilege to help you and your manuscript not only survive the best and worst hours, but thrive to reach your reader.


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